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How to Manage Low Back Pain: Tips From A Physiotherapist

Updated: Mar 1

Low back pain - the guest that doesn't want to leave. If you're tired of the constant discomfort and eager to kick that pain to the curb, you're in the right place. This blog post is your roadmap to rediscovering comfort through effective strategies like strength training, stretching, and embracing the beauty of movement. Let's dive into the tips that will set you on the path to a pain-free life.

Strength Training

Dealing with low back pain is a bit like training for a marathon – your body needs to be in top shape for the long run. To tackle this, focus on exercises that work the powerhouse of your body: the core muscles. We're talking about those abs, obliques, and lower back muscles – the real MVPs.

side plank, core exercise, ab exercise, planking, plank

Ever wonder why your lower back feels like it's shouldering the weight of the world? Well, it's because it kind of is! Strengthening your deep abdominal muscles is like calling in reinforcements. It's telling your body, "Okay, team, let's spread the load and make things a bit easier on our lower back muscles." It's the workout equivalent of teamwork – everyone plays a part, and no one gets stuck doing all the heavy lifting.


When your muscles feel as tight as a drum, it's like they're staging a rebellion against your lower back. But fear not, because stretching is your secret weapon in this battle against pain. Make it a daily habit to gently stretch those trouble spots. Focus on areas like your glutes, hip flexors, and lower back – they're the ones causing all the commotion.

child's pose, yoga pose, stretching, stretch low back, low back stretches, yoga stretches

Enter yoga poses like Child's Pose, Cat-Cow, and Downward Dog. These moves are like magic spells for your body, helping to loosen up those stubborn muscles and bring some much-needed relief to your lower back. It's like giving your muscles a little pep talk, saying, "Hey, let's chill out and relax for a bit."

Move More

Let's talk about breaking free from the clutches of sitting still all day. Sedentary lifestyles can really crank up the volume on low back pain, so it's time to shake things up a bit. Make it your mission to move around regularly. Take quick strolls, sneak in some stretches, or switch up how you're sitting – anything to keep those muscles from turning into stone. These little movements are like oiling the gears of a rusty machine; they keep everything running smoothly and help your back stay in tip-top shape. So, get up, stretch it out, and keep that blood flowing.

Say Goodbye To Low Back Pain

By weaving strength training, stretching, and regular movement into your daily routine, you're setting yourself on the path to triumph over low back pain. Keep in mind, there's no one-size-fits-all fix – discover what suits your body best. With dedication and a well-rounded strategy, you're on the road to waving goodbye to that nagging low back pain and saying hello to a life filled with comfort and mobility.

Still having trouble with your lowback? Let The Physio Trainer help you with personalized guidance and expert support on your journey to a pain-free back. Take the next step toward a healthier, happier you!

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