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Alex Nielen

Introducing Alex, the visionary behind "The Physio Trainer." As a physiotherapist and certified personal trainer, he's on a mission to merge the worlds of rehabilitation and fitness. Over the years Alex has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in fitness.

With a unique blend of knowledge in these domains, Alex's goal is clear: to help individuals, whether recovering from injuries or not, become fitter, healthier, and stronger. His approach emphasizes the importance of physical well-being from a holistic perspective, ensuring that his clients not only reach their fitness goals but do so in a way that prioritizes their overall health.

The Physio Trainer Alex Nielen
Image by Risen Wang
The Physio Trainer with hands on hips in the gym he coaches people


The Physio Trainer bases his training and recommendations on evidence-based practices and scientific research, ensuring that the exercises and techniques used are safe and effective.

For clients with existing injuries or medical conditions, The Physio Trainers guidance can promote better recovery, improve mobility and enhance overall functional ability.

The Physio Trainer will educate clients about proper body mechanics, posture and movement patterns. This knowledge empowers clients to exercise safely and effectively even outside of training sessions.

Ready to unlock your full potential? Contact us today to schedule a meeting and take the first step towards a healthier, stronger you. Your body will thank you.

Integrated Approach

A physiotherapist who offers personal training can provide an integrated approach to fitness and rehabilitation. He has in-depth knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, allowing him to design exercise programs that consider any existing injuries, weaknesses, or limitations.


The Physio Trainer believes that everybody can become fitter and healthier in their own way, and his goal is to create the best program tailored to your needs.

The Physio Trainer helping a client with his knee injury

Injury Prevention

With a physiotherapist's background, he can focus on injury prevention during personal training sessions. He understands how to identify potential risk factors and develop strategies to reduce the likelihood of injuries during workouts. The goal isn't only to get injury-free, but to stay injury-free.

Rehabilitation Expertise

For clients recovering from injuries or surgeries, a physiotherapist's training background allows them to design exercise routines that aid in the rehabilitation process. He can progress the program as the clients condition improves. This way the program stays challenging while the main focus doesn't change.

The Physio Trainer helping a patient with his hips
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