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''My aim is to assist you becoming pain-free while working towards your fitness goals!''


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"Don't let pain hold you back from your fitness goals. Let me help you get rid of it with through online coaching or in-person personal training. We'll work together to make sure you're feeling your best and crushing those fitness goals. Sound good to you?"

Free Training Programs from The Physio Trainer you can get by leaving your email behind

Free Training Programs

  • Training Program Options: 

  • Full Body, 

  • Upper Body/ Lower Body

  • Push-Pull-Legs

  • Free E-Book: The Fundamentals Of Hypertrophy: A Guide To Building Muscle

Online Personal Training from The Physio Trainer to reach your goals and to get injury free

Online Coaching

  • Free Intake Call

  • Personalized Training Programs 

  • Online Physio For Your Goals

  • Nutrition Guidance

  • Injury Management

  • (Post) Rehab Guidance

  • Weekly Check-Ins

  • Video Reviews

  • E-Mail And Whatsapp Support

In-Person Personal Training from The Physio Trainer at BigGym en Myrna Dral Coaching
  • 30 or 60 minute sessions

  • Personalized Training Programs

  • Nutrition Guidance

  • Injury Management

  • (Post) Rehab Guidance

  • Chronic Diseases


''The training sessions are tailored to your specific goals. My goal is to lose weight and become stronger. During the sessions, I am challenged to try heavier weights each time. As a result, I notice that I am getting stronger. The training sessions are varied, so it never gets boring. Furthermore, the sessions are always enjoyable, and there is always room for advice on nutrition and exercise. I am super satisfied!''




- Laila

The Physio Trainer himself standing in the gym he coaches people to their goals


Meet The Physio Trainer - not your average personal trainer. With a background in physiotherapy, he can help you overcome injuries, medical conditions, and weaknesses while guiding you towards your fitness goals. With over 7 years of training experience and 100 people helped, he is the perfect coach for you.

The Best Approach

Integrated Approach

with knowledge from physiotherapy

Injury Prevention

through identifying potential risk factors.

Rehabilitation Expertise

a recovery for every injury

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